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The New Golf 7 - It's the One

Volkswagen has been in the motoring scene for almost 40 years. Total sales over the six Golf generations to date are approaching 30 million.

The new Golf 7 continues in the relatively conservative Styling tradition of the Golf range but comes with some sharp new lines that keep up with the newest designing trends. The shape is clean, skilled and likely to be as timeless as that of its honourable ancestors. The theme inside continues in that the cabin is ergonomic without unnecessary frills. The Volkswagen designers have gone right back to basics with the new model. The ‘7 is an all-new design using the latest in weight reduction.

Active safety features in the Volkswagen Golf include Lane Assist that actively steers the car back into the correct lane or away from the edge of the road (providing there are clear line markings at the road’s edge); City Emergency Braking at speeds up to 30 km/h; crash anticipation and preparation; and adaptive cruise control. The basic safety features are standard in most models, but you have to pay extra for some of the advanced safety items in the lower cost variants.

Power comes from new-design turbo-petrol and turbo-diesel engines. The petrol displaces 1.4 litres; the diesel is a 2.0-litre. The Golf’s engine is almost electric-motor quiet at idle and little noise intrudes into the cabin. The biggest impression made by the all-new Volkswagen Golf 7 is of sophistication. It is as smooth and quiet as a car at least a size larger.

The Volkswagen Golf 7 is an extremely impressive car.

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